Today is July 1, 2017 and there is a total of only 804 Detached Single Family Homes along with Attached Home (condos and townhouses) listed for sale in the Mount Pleasant area. This is a low inventory for even this time of the year.

We just had some Buyers who wanted to get out of their contract to buy a new condominium  here locally. The builder was disappoint but said OK because he knew someone would come along and write a contract since the condo was more than half complete. The Buyers looked around, couldn't find anything else suitable, so they stayed waited on their condo to be completed.

Summer is typically the height the selling season, as sellers know families are trying to get settled in and ready for the start of school. With less homeowners typically trying to sell moving into the Fall and Winter, I expect to see even fewer homes available to meet what looks to be continued strong demand.