Reduce the stress of movingBuying and selling your house can be an exciting and dizzying time, moving shouldn’t be.


Certainly the day you sell or buy your new home is the best of times. Then the reality hits…you have to move.

The simple truth is no one likes to move but almost everyone takes on this task with both excitement and dread.

Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years from my clients on how they handled the stress of moving.


1.  Get rid of stuff you don’t need


You see them all the time…moving sales.

Folks getting rid of stuff they don’t want in hopes of consolidating only what they do need to move.

If the weather in your area won’t permit such an event, be sure and make a trip to the Goodwill or other donation stations in your area. If you think there is value in your stuff, online sources like OfferUpWallapop, Craigslist and even Facebook are a great way to sell things fast.


2.  Do as much as you can well before moving day


I know the one thing I hear time and time again is, “That took way longer than I thought it would!”

I don’t believe anyone really allows for the time and energy it takes to really move. Do yourself a favor and have as much stuff labeled/boxed and organized before the big day.


TIP: Try and use all the same size boxes to avoid the famous ‘Tetris’ effect. It makes moving in and out much easier.


3.  Pack vital necessities in the back of the truck


Things like:

  • computers
  • TV’s
  • And yes, even the coffee pot

should be the last thing on and the first thing off.


HINT:  Have a separate box for just your chargers and cords for all…I mean all…your devices and personally take these with you. Do not pack these items.


4.  Pack a tool box….last


You’re going to need some basic tools—screw drivers, wrenches and power tools like a drill.

Don’t forget the box cutter for breaking down those pesky boxes.


5.  Try moving out over several days


Local moves are easier in some ways but if you are doing a long distance move, consider using one of those storage moving services so you can take your time and really organize your stuff.

If you can, make sure you can dedicate at minimum, 2-4 days to your move.

Remember, moving the stuff in is one thing, unpacking, hanging pictures and TV’s, and breaking down everything so your new house feels like a home…well, that’s what takes the most time!


Hopefully, these great tips can make the moving process a bit more bearable.