As the Owner & Broker of Charleston Homes For Sale Realty since 1998, I am also a Certified & Accredited Buyer Representative.

One of the benefits you receive is having me work as your personal advocate and help you negotiate for the best deal on the home that suits your specific needs.

There is no extra cost to have me working as your Buyer’s Broker since I typically collect the fee offered as compensation by the Seller in the Realtors® MLS System.

Another important benefit of selecting me as your Realtor is you receive 40% to 60% of the MLS Compensation I am paid through the Realtors’ MLS system. It is credited to you at closing which means you will need to bring a lot less money to the closing table.

Often called a Real Estate Rebate or Agent Commission Split, it is the way I reward you for the time you likely enjoy doing some of your own home searching.

Another benefit to you as a home buyer s since you are credited your Rebate on the Closing Statement, the IRS considers it as an adjustment to the purchase price and therefore non-taxable income to you.

When you use Charleston Homes For Sale Realty, you receive a real estate rebate, aka: a “Realtor Commission Split” of 40% to 60%. on any new or resale home purchase of $200,000 or more. Contact me anytime if you are not already working with another Realtor.

Thank you for your consideration, Jay Rogers, Realtor and Buyer’s Broker  (843) 849-7587