Professional Buyer Representation

As a Charleston, SC area home buyer, you likely know the smart way to locate and buy local real estate is with a qualified Charleston Buyer’s Broker working as your advocate.

When you select me, Jay Rogers as your Buyer’s Broker, you will have a Certified & Accredited Buyer Representative with more than 20-years of local real estate experience protecting your best interests.

You also likely know the price you pay for the home you buy typically has the Buyer’s Broker MLS commission built-in by the seller when they price their home for sale.

Today’s technologies save me time so it is now affordable for me to provide my buyer clients with 40% to 67% of my MLS Commission as a credit at closing. This means you will need to bring a lot less money to the closing table, and keep a lot more of you savings in the bank.

Since Buyers today typically do a lot of their own home searching and research online, this can save Realtors a lot of time and money. I am one of the Realtors that rewards the home buyer for the work they do. You can Select This Link to see the Home Buyer Rebate on your next home purchase. The IRS considers your Rebate to be an adjustment to the sales price and therefore non-taxable income to you..

As the Buyer’s Broker of Charleston Homes For Sale Realty, I am an Accredited and Certified Buyer Representative with more than 20-years of local experience helping Charleston area real estate consumers save time and money locating and buying the homes and other residential real estate that best suits their specific needs.

As the Owner and Decision Maker for my Independent Real Estate Brokerage, I can also be more flexible than other Realtors when it comes to services and fees if you need to sell your property before buying another.

Feel free contact me directly during normal business hours to get a free quote on the type of savings you can expect when using Charleston Homes For Sale Realty as your Realtor.

Thank you, Jay Rogers, Real Estate Broker & Consultant

Charleston Homes For Sale Realty Company

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